A transplant immunome deep sequencing and screening platform defines a unique targetable epitope fingerprint of multiple myeloma. (74) Frenzel, A., Kügler, J., Wilke, S., Schirrmann, T. and Hust, M. (2014). Wissenschaftler aus Braunschweig haben am 11. m.hust@tu-bs.de. Die TU Braunschweig (Prof. Michael Hust) ist Teil des COVID19-Konsortiums "ATAC" im Rahmen des EU Horizon2020 Corona-Förderprogramms. Human antibodies targeting CD30+ lymphomas. Prof. Dr. Michael Hust Technische Universität Braunschweig Institut für Biochemie, Biotechnologie und Bioinformatik Abteilung Biotechnologie Spielmannstraße 7 38106 Braunschweig Tel. (71) Jäger, V.,  Büssow, K., Wagner, A., Weber, S., Hust, M., Frenzel, A. and Schirrmann, T. (2013). International Microbiology 6, 33-39, (3) Hust, M., Maiss, E., Jacobsen, H.-J. (37) Thie, H., Binius, S., Schirrmann, T., Hust, M. and Dübel, S. (2009). (5)Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Technical University Braunschweig, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany. Michael Hust (* 1972 in Oldenburg (Oldb)) ist ein deutscher Biologe und Professor für Biotechnologie an der Technischen Universität Braunschweig. In cooperation with partners from research institutes, university hospitals and companies, the team is looking for ways and means to shorten these processes and still comply with all necessary safety and quality requirements for drugs. P., Sesardic, D. and Hust, M. (2015). (67) Al-Halabi, L., Balck, A., Michalzik, M., Fröde, D., Büttgenbach, S., Hust, M., Schirrmann, T. and Dübel, S. (2013). (7) Schirrmann, T., Hust, M. und Dübel, S. (2005). (103) Frenzel, A., Schirrmann, T. and Hust, M. (2016). Autoren. (107) Zantow, J., Just, S., Lagkouvardos, I., Kisling, S., Dübel, S., Lepage, P., Clavel, T. and Hust, M. (2016). (55) Hust, M., Meyer, T., Voedisch, B., Rülker, T., Thie, H., El-Ghezal, A., Kirsch, M.I., Schütte, M., Helmsing, S., Meier, D., Schirrmann, T. and Dübel, S. (2011). (2014). Antibody production by the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus megaterium. (56) Lüders, S., David, F., Steinwand, M., Jordan, E., Hust, M., Dübel, S. and Franco-Lara, E. (2011). (138) Wenzel, E.V., Roth, K.D.R., Russo, G., Fühner, V., Helmsing, S., Frenzel, A. and Hust, M. (2020). Harald Kloft und Juniorprofessor Dr. (sc. (36) Hust, M., Steinwand, M., Al-Halabi, L., Helmsing, S., Schirrmann, T. and Dübel, S. (2009). It works great because we can rely on each other,” says Nora Langreder describing the collaboration. Gegen fiese Krabbelviecher, genauer Zecken der Gattung Ixodes, entwickeln Forscher der TU Braunschweig eine Impfung.Für anschließende klinische Studien haben Biologe Michael Hust, Professor an der TU, und Biotechnologin Viola Fühner, Postdoc ebendort, gemeinsam mit weiteren Mitstreitern die Firma Norden Vaccines gegründet. (141) Tundidor, Y., Ponce, L., Chao, L., Solozabal, J., Hust, M., Dübel, S. & Rojas, G. (2020). Therapeutic Antibodies, Ed: Dimitrov, A.S.. (31) Thie, H., Voedisch, B., Dübel, S., Hust, M. and Schirrmann, T. (2009). ➜ Clusters of Excellence: In the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and States in 2018, TU Braunschweig was successful with two applications. Ihr Ziel ist es, einen universellen Impfstoff gegen von … Antibody Affinity and Stability Maturation by Error-Prone PCR. Innovationspreis Niedersachsen. PMID: 31953428 PMCID: PMC6969050 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-57103-5 Abstract Diphtheria is an infectious disease caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Gene Function Analysis, Ed: Ochs, M.F.. (76) Miethe, S., Rasetti-Escargueil, C., Liu, Y., Chahboun, S., Pelat, T., Avril, A., Frenzel, A., Schirrmann, T., Thullier, P., Sesardic, D. and Hust, M. (2014). Construction of Human Immune and Naive scFv Libraries. Krumbein and PD Dr. Erhard Rhiel. (88) Becker, M., Felsberger, A., Frenzel, A., Shattuck, W.M.C, Dyer, M., Kügler, J., Zantow, J., Mather, T. and Hust, M. (2015). (2018). (101) Zantow, J., Dübel, S. and Hust, M. (2016). (2011). 5/2011 Habilitation (professorial dissertation, venia legendi for biotechnology), appointed as Privatdozent (PD). (131) Fühner, V., Heine, P.A., Zilkens, K., Meier, D., Roth, K.D.R., Moreira, G.M.S.G., Hust, M. and Russo, G. (2019). and Aleixo, J.A.. (2016). Bacterial flagellar capping proteins adopt diverse oligomeric states. “At the institute we have numerous of these antibody gene libraries. Antibody Phage Display: Antibody Selection in Solution Using Biotinylated Antigens. Human Monoclonal Antibodies: Methods and Protocols, Ed: Steinitz, M.. (73) Kügler, J., Zantow, J., Meyer, T., and Hust, M. (2013). Antibody Phage Display. The two have been pursuing their doctorate at the Institute for Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for about a year. If we come into contact with a known antigen again, the immune system can react stronger and faster than at first contact. and Kontermann, R.E. Kai-Thomas Schneider and Nora Langreder are PhD students at the Institute for Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. Recombinant antibody fragments allow repeated measurements of C-reactive protein with a quartz crystal microbalance immunosensor. 18.500 Studierende 1745 seit 3.700 Beschäftigte (126) Burke, C.W., Froude, J.W., Miethe, S., Hülseweh, B., Hust, M. and Glass, P.J. 4/1998 - 7/1999 Diploma thesis: "Molekularbiologische Untersuchungen zur Diversität von Diatomeenarten und Nachweis der Expressionsraten von Diatomeen fcp Genen im Wattsediment" (Molecularbiological analysis of diatom diversity and investigations on expression rates of the diatom fcp genes in the Wadden Sea sediments) in the AG Geomikrobiologie of the Institut für Chemie und Biologie des Meeres under the supervison of Prof. W.E. Construction of human antibody gene libraries and selection of antibodies by phage display. 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A human scFv antibody generation pipeline for proteome research. Prevention of allograft rejection by use of regulatory T cells with a MHC-specific chimeric antigen receptor. Stefan Dübel/TU Braunschweig; HZI/Verena Meier; Hallbauer_Fioretti; Michael Hust/TU Braunschweig; Kai Mattern/Institut für Mikrotechnik/TU Braunschweig; PLRI; Foto: Falk-Martin Drescher / Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH since 12/2002 Group leader at the Institut für Biochemie und Biotechnologie, Abteilung Biotechnologie, Technische Universität Braunschweig headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Dübel. In: Antibody engineering Vol 2, Ed: Kontermann, R. and Dübel, S.. (45) Mollova, S., Retter, I., Hust, M., Dübel, S. and Müller, W. (2010). Analysis of single chain antibody sequences using the VBASE2 Fab Analysis Tool. Identification of Novel Immunogenic Proteins of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by Phage Display. (140) Sellmann, C., Pekar, L., Bauer, C., Ciesielski, E., Krah, S., Becker, S., Toleikis, L., Kügler, J., Frenzel, A., Valldorf,. Normally, the corresponding approval procedure takes about one and a half years or more. We are particularly grateful that the technical staff here also provides us with fantastic support. Mit dieser Technologie können menschliche Antikörper im Reagenzglas generiert werden. and Dübel, S. (2018). Phage display, Ed: Lim, T.S. ➜ There are four core research areas at TU Braunschweig: Future City, Metrology, Mobility and Infections and Therapeutics. Aufbauend auf den Forschungsergebnissen des Konsortiums hat das Biotechnologieunternehmen YUMAB, eine Ausgründung der TU Braunschweig, die CORAT Therapeutics GmbH gegründet. Braunschweiger Forscher gehen den Zecken an den Kragen Jüngste Ausgründung aus der TU Braunschweig Wissenschaftler aus Braunschweig haben heute, am 11. (139) Wenzel, E.V., Bosnak, M., Tierney, R., Schubert, M., Brown, J., Dübel, S., Efstratiou, A., Sesardic, D., Sticking, P. and Hust, M. (2020). Development of human antibody fragments using antibody phage display for the detection and diagnosis of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV). Designing human antibodies by phage display. (122) Moreira, G.M.S.G., Fühner, V. and Hust, M. (2018). Immunochemical Protocols, 3rd ed., Ed: Burns, R., Methods Molecular Biology 295, 71-95, (5) Hust, M. and Dübel, S. (2004). C., Jordan, E., El-Ghezal, A., Schirrmann, T., Hust, M. und Jostock, T. (2005). Dübel, S.. (23) Michalzik, M., Balck, A., Al-Halabi, L., Hust, M., Dübel, S. and Büttgenbach, S. (2007). (52) Schirrmann, T., Meyer, T., Schütte, M., Frenzel, A., and Hust, M. (2011). “Finding such neutralizing antibody candidates was our most important milestone on the way to a passive immunotherapy against Covid-19, but there are still many more steps and tests to be done before the final drug is ready for use,” says Michael Hust. Recombinant VHHA6 cDNA was cloned into the pCMX expression vector (contributed by M. Hust, TU Braunschweig), which encodes an optimized human IgG1 Fc domain. Cell-free synthesis of functional antibodies using a coupled in vitro transcription-translation system based on CHO cell lysates. (2017). Development of Neutralizing and Non-neutralizing Antibodies Targeting Known and Novel Epitopes of TcdB of Clostridioides difficile. (145) Bertoglio, F., Meier, D., Langreder, N., Steinke, S., Rand, U., Simonelli, L., Heine, P. A., Ballmann, R., Schneider, K.-T., Roth, K. D. R., Ruschig, M., Riese, P., Eschke, K., Kim, Y., Schaeckermann, D., Pedotti, M., Kuhn, P., Zock-Emmenthal, S., Wöhrle, J., Becker, M., Grashoff, M., Wenzel, E. V., Russo, G., Kröger, A., Brunotte, L., Ludwig, S., Fühner, V., Krämer, S. D., Dübel, S., Varani, L., Roth, G., Cicin-Sain, L., Schubert, M., and Hust, M. (2020) SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing human recombinant antibodies selected from pre-pandemic healthy donors binding at RBD-ACE2 interface. (114) Stech, M., Nikolaeva, O., Thoring, L., Stöcklein, W.F.M., Wüstenhagen, D.A., Hust, M., Dübel, S. and Kubick, S. (2017). (86) Froude, J.W., Pelat, T., Miethe, S., Zak, S., Bakken, R., Hust, M., Thullier, P. and Dye, J.M. 9/1999 - 7/2002 PhD thesis: "Rekombinante Antikörper gegen die NIa-Protease des Plum Pox Virus" (Recombinant antibodies against the NIa protease of the plum pox virus) at the Lehrgebiet Molekulargenetik (now Institut für Pflanzengenetik, Abteilung Pflanzenbiotechnologie), Universität Hannover (now Leibniz Universität Hannover) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H.-J. (20) Hust, M., Dübel, S. and Schirrmann, T. (2007). Viruses 10: 147, (125) Sadana, P., Geyer, R., Pezoldt, J., Helmsing, S., Huehn, J., Hust, M., Dersch, P. and Scrima, A. With this information, we can produce them again and again.”, This small tube contains an antibody library with about 10 billion antibody blueprints. (95) Tomszak, F., Weber, S., Zantow, J., Schirrmann, T., Hust, M. and Frenzel, A. Human-like antibodies neutralizing Western equine encephalitis virus. An der TU Braunschweig können solche Antikörper gentechnologisch komplett im Reagenzglas gewonnen werden. But we know what we are doing it for and what can come out of it. Generation of recombinant antibodies for human tissue kallikrein 7 to address skin diseases. Development of Germline-Humanized Antibodies Neutralizing Botulinum Neurotoxin A and B. The work in the laboratory only works because everyone helps. Braunschweig. Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphate Aldolase, a Novel Immunogenic Surface Protein on Listeria Species. Researchers at the Department of Biotechnology of Technische Universität Braunschweig started a research project to develop novel antibody based therapy for coronavirus infections. Passive immunotherapy, which is also being researched by the CORAT consortium, could help here: the administered antibodies could block the pathogen and thus provide protection until the immune system has produced its own antibodies. Originally known as Collegium Carolinum, it was established in 1745 as a mid-way institution between high school and university, teaching technical and mathematical subjects as well as fine arts and humanities. Phage display-based identification and potential diagnostic application of novel antigens from Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. Isolation of a human-like antibody fragment (scFv) that neutralizes ricin biological activity. Phage Display and selection in microtitre plates. Heterologe Expression von rekombinanten Proteinpharmazeutika. A., Schirrmann, T., Dübel, S. and Hust, M. (2013). Generating recombinant antibodies to the complete human proteome. Spielmannstraße 7 (129) Chung, S.Y., Schöttelndreier, D., Tatge, H., Fühner, V., Hust, M., Beer, L.A. and Gerhard, R. (2018). “At first we don’t test with the real corona virus, but only with part of the virus’ surface. and Reinard, T. (2002). A SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody selected from COVID-19 patients by phage display is binding to the ACE2-RBD interface and is tolerant to known RBD mutations. Phage display vectors for the in vitro generation of human antibody fragments. Generation and characterization of protective antibodies to Marburg virus. (79) Trott, M., Weiß, S., Antoni, S., Koch, J., von Briesen, H., Hust, M. and Dietrich, U. Identification of immunogenic proteins and generation of antibodies against Salmonella Typhimurium using phage display. (130) Fühner, V., Heine, P.A., Helmsing, S., Goy, S., Heidepriem, J., Loeffler, F.F., Dübel, S., Gerhard, R. and Hust, M. (2018). A total of 20 µg CMX VHH-Fc plasmid DNA and 60 µL PEI (1 mg/mL) were used to transiently transfect 5 × 10 6 HEK293T cells. (72) Frenzel, A., Hust, M. and Schirrmann, T. (2013). They then test for inhibition, i.e. (9) Voedisch, B., Menzel. (26) Thie, H., Schirrmann, T., Paschke, M., Dübel, S. and Hust, M. (2008). Stellvertretend für das ganze Corona Antibody Team (CORAT): die TAs, Doktoranden und Postdocs der TU Braunschweig. Recombinant Antibodies for Diagnostics and Therapy against Pathogens and Toxins generated by Phage Display. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollständige Profil an. (14) Michalzik, M., Balck, A., Büttgenbach, S., Al-Halabi, L., Hust, M. and Dübel, S. (2006). Anreise Die Daten dienen dazu, das Webangebot zu optimieren.Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. An immunochemical in situ approach to detect adaptation processes in the photosynthetic apparatus of diatoms of the Wadden Sea sediment surface layers. Isolation of nanomolar scFvs of non-human primate origin, cross-neutralizing botulinum neurotoxins A1 and A2 by targeting their heavy chain. (2020). This is how we make a preliminary selection,” says Nora Langreder. (96) Kibat, J., Schirrmann, T., Knape, M.J., Helmsing, S., Meier, D., Hust, M., Schröder, C., Bertinetti, D., Pardes, K., Funk, M., Lages, A., Giese, N., Herberg, F. W., Dübel, S. and Hoheisel, J.D. Oligopeptide M13 Phage Display in Pathogen Research. It's current labs are located in the Biocentre and the BRICS. (25) Schirrmann, T., Al-Halabi, L., Dübel, S. and Hust, M. (2008). (87) Kügler, J., Wilke, S. Meier, D., Tomszak, F.,  Frenzel, A. , Schirrmann, T., Dübel, S.,  Garritsen, H.,  Hock, B., Toleikis, L., Schütte, M. and Hust, M. (2015). Generation of recombinant antibodies against toxins and viruses by phage display for Diagnostics and Therapy. (2016). Phage display-derived human antibodies in clinical development and therapy. Similar therapies already exist for other diseases such as diphtheria or tetanus. Using the antibody gene libraries, the team is now testing which antibodies bind to the protein envelope of the corona virus and thus prevent it from intruding into other cells. (84) Hust, M., Frenzel, A., Tomszak, F., Kügler, J. and Dübel, S. (2014). & Schirrmann, T. (2020) Rekombinante, vollständig menschliche Antikörper zur Behandlung akuter COVID-19. There, SARS-CoV-2 viruses are used to test whether the antibodies can block these viruses. Isolation of scFv fragments specific to OmpD of Salmonella Typhimurium. seroreactive peptides using ORFeome Phage Display. September 2019, die Norden Vaccines GmbH gegründet. Rise and fall of an anti-MUC1 specific antibody. The conserved Cys-2232 in Clostridioides difficile toxin B modulates oligomerization and receptor binding. whether the antibody is able to inhibit the corona virus from docking to the cells. Phone: +49 531 391-5760 (10) Hust, M., Toleikis, L. and Dübel, S. (2005). Production of Antibody Fragments in the Gram-positive bacterium B. megaterium. A roadmap to generate renewable protein binders to the human proteome. (104) Mendonça, M., Moreira, G.M., Conceição, F.R., Hust, M., Mendonça, K.S., Moreira, Â.N., França, R.C., da Silva, W.P., Bhunia, A.K. and Hust, M.. (120) Unkauf, T., Hust, M. and Frenzel, A. (29) Thie, H., Meyer, T., Schirrmann, T., Hust, M. and Dübel, S. (2008). Production of Single Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) Antibodies in Escherichia coli Using the LEX Bioreactor. Prof. Dr.-Ing. A Multinational Consortium for the Development of Therapeutic Antibodies to Tier 1 Bioterrorism Agents: Protective scFv-Fc Antibody against Marburg Virus derived from Macaque Immune Library. (81) Fuchs, M., Kämpfer, S., Helmsing, S., Spallek, R., Oehlmann, W., Prilop, W., Frank, R., Dübel, S., Mahavir, S. and Hust, M. (2014). (68) Bertz, A., Wöhl-Bruhn, S., Miethe, S., Tiersch, B., Koetz, J., Hust, M., Bunjes, H. and Menzel, H. (2013). ORFeome Phage Display. Dübel, S. and Reichert, J.M.. (82) Stech, M., Hust, M., Schulze, C., Dübel, S. and Kubick, S. (2014). Die Grundlage für ihre Arbeit sind die neutralisierenden Antikörper gegen Covid-19, die die Technische Universität Braunschweig gemeinsam mit dem Biotechnologieunternehmen Yumab GmbH im Corat Konsortium entwickelt hat.

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