Deep Dive into API Governance with Examples & Use Cases, Introducing RapidQL: Fetch, combine, and aggregate data from multiple APIs and databases in a single call, Top 9 Best News APIs (Updated for 2021) [60+ Reviewed], Introducing the QuickSet Cloud API: Automatically Discover IoT Device Information. Just enable the “Auto-Pilot” option and click save. LinkMyDeals provides 2 types of data for each of the stores – Premium & Non-Premium. You will have to do integrations with 100s of affiliate networks, all of which have different API formats. Your email address will not be published. Location can be retrieved by /api_get_country and /api_get_location or the geo functions to find the nearest location in country and city text, Get deals based on location – Get all deals based given a country and a city. Groupon API. restrictions optional dictionary. I recommend to all get the best deals and offers there. restrictions. Get Deal. If you are scrapping websites frequently; then you must be handling lot of proxies, headless browsers and Captchas. Register now for a 7-days trial … Country – The primary country the store belongs to. So you would also have to map all these to the stores on your website in 100s of affiliate networks. Note that the Price Comparison API, the Coupon Codes and Deals API share a single API key which can be obtained from the PriceYuge portal. Publications from $20. Description – The secondary line which describes the offer. Their REST API provides access to their database to find coupons for all types of eCommerce stores across India. No "per store" pricing. Coupons & Promo Codes. Applicable only in select affiliate network data. Coupomated provides SEO optimized, unique, and well-organized Coupon Data Feed. Step 1 – Obtain the Coupon Code API key. The 27coupons API is free to use on RapidAPI. API Description. It’s really good. … Customisable as per your needs. The coupon code API was a feature the devs looking for their website as a part of the price comparison API. Coupontools and your app will communicate by sending HTTP requests back and forth. All the promo codes under a price rule share the generic information defined for that rule like the amount, type, expiration date etc. The merchants include Jabong, McDonald’s, Fashionara etc. Save Up To 20% on Clearance Coupons. Promo codes can be created for a given price rule. No Two clients will get the same offer texts for any store, File and API can be customized for personalized content and fields, You can set your own store name for each store, You can map your own category to the categories that we maintain, You can set which store needs to be deeplinked with which Affiliate Network, Redirect Store URLs through LinkMyDeals to activate/pause/change Affiliate Networks Campaigns on the fly. SALE. Coupon creation is also accessible via the API if you need to create coupons on the fly. You can calculate your monthly costs via their Monthly Price calculator. Promo code defines the more specific information about a promo code like the actual code, redemption_url, usage_count, etc that's unique to a code. To activate it please email us at /getOffersByMerchant – Get all deals, coupons, and offers of a particular merchant or store. Their API provides a feed of the available coupon data in JSON, XML or CSV format. Go to WordPress > Coupon API, and enter your API Key; Click on Save; The plugin will pull the latest offers whenever you click on the “Fetch New Feed” button. Here Smart Coupons REST API comes to the rescue. 509 Merchants. Webinars for free. What do you think is the best coupon API? To gain access to the API, you’ll need to become a Groupon affiliate to get your affiliate ID and API token. Chile Deals – Currently active daily deals in Chile, Colombia Deals – Currently active daily deals in Colombia. Expires in 4 days. Rewards as a Service API by Tango Card, Creating an API with AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and RapidAPI [Tutorial], How To Use the Yahoo Finance API in 2021 [Tutorial], /api/vcodes-api.php?siteid={siteid} – Free Coupon Codes. is a single API (or WordPress Plugin) to pull Coupons & Deals from multiple Affiliate Networks/Programs. Monolithic vs Microservices Comparison: Which is the Best Architecture? Enter this code at checkout to apply the discount. RetailMeNot was established to aggregate coupon offers and make them available to consumers. LinkMyDeals automatically updates latest offers on your Coupon website/App with unique titles & descriptions. Automatically update your website every hour by installing Coupon API's WordPress Plugin. Do you have a coupon/reward API you want to add to RapidAPI? is one of the best coupon website. 20% OFF. Get Code. Amazing blog post. The Blip A Deal API enables developers to access over 6 million deals a year across 12 countries. The API allows affiliates and advertisers to run a query against their database to find products, coupons, and offers. The DayWatch API gives access to real-time daily offers and coupons in the US, Latin America, and South East Asia. The 8coupons API costs $100.00 USD to use, which you can purchase on their API page. It is a must for any affiliate marketer to be successful. 1400 Crystal Drive, Suite 900. /getMerchants – Get all the merchants/stores who have at least 1 active deal/offer. Please include them so that to offer complete picture to your blog readers! If you need verified offers from all sources like Store Banners, Email Newsletters, App/SMS Notifications, Social Media pages, etc., then we suggest you use a proper Coupon Feed Service like LinkMyDeals or FMTC. URL – Naked offer URL i.e. Use an exclusive coupon code to get 10% discount plus free trial. This article provides information about the /coupons endpoint of the FastSpring API. CouponAPI on the other hand, becomes your single API source for coupons & deals on all affiliate networks. Source – The entity from which the offer is taken. Reviews. If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll soon be able to download their WordPress plugin, which will be “Plug & Earn” technology. We are only collecting the Coupons & Deals from them and giving to you using a single & simpler API. However, if for some reason (such as merchant… Continue Reading → Posted in: Finding Network API Keys. in the source site, the coupon C1 has P1 and P2 as applicable plans. Premium Data will give you 100% accurate content for any particular store. Plus, you can map your store & category names in our panel, thereby standardizing content as per your website. Get 40% off Basic Statistics for Infection Preventionists. Last Updated on July 29, 2020 by RapidAPI Staff 5 Comments. Coupon codes are used along with existing coupons in Chargebee. 6. We’ve been using their services since last 3 years on our App and Mobile. If your serious about creating coupon code websites, you can generate more earn. Coupon API; Submit Coupons; Sign Up Login. To make it worse, each affiliate network uses different Store/Campaign IDs. 20 OFF. The Blip A Deal API is free to use through RapidAPI with a valid Blip A Deal API key. Customisable as per your needs. So for example, if you give it -buying an iPod- it will recommend the best category for that, 2. Get order information – Get more information about an order, 7. Hide child parameters. We only work with PayPal Subscriptions only. 115 OFF. New networks added on demand. The API is free to use but requires an API key by emailing to get a platform name and key created. See Details. Users redeem these codes either directly from the Play Store or from within … Your billing cycle will start immediately after your free trial. The Coupon Codes API can be used to enrich eCommerce and shopping applications/websites with their large coupon database. Scraper API is the artificial intelligence based web scrapping application. Here is the list of the top reward and coupon-related APIs on RapidAPI’s marketplace that we thought were worth mentioning: CashNJoy is an offers, cashback, and rewards website that caters to the India audience. You can offer Cashbacks too, just by adding another parameter. You can retrieve the list of countries by invoking the function /api_get_country_url, Get all countries that have deals – This function will retrieve all countries that have deals within BlipADeal, Get closets locations with deals by country and city – Get the locations closest to a given city and country name that have deals. Their API provides access to their services to create accounts and place orders through their system. The serve the following regions: Blip A Deal is recommended if you need to find deals while traveling abroad. A coupon is a ticket or document (printed or digital) that can be redeemed for a financial discount/rebate when purchasing a product or service. DataYuge’s Coupon Code API and Deals API will give the latest offers, deals and coupon code for the majority of the online stores in India. The Coupon API gets coupons from affiliated programs. Required fields are marked *. To understand the advantages of using CouponAPI, just imagine what you will have to do if you don't use our service. You can create a coupon set using a bunch of coupon codes and this coupon set will be associated with an existing coupon. Indian & international Coupon API makes creating beautiful coupon websites easy! Blip A Deal finds and aggregates over 500,000 offers every month. 8coupons is a deal/offer aggregator that distributes updates on deals and digital coupons to consumers based on weekly deals, online feeds, or the user’s current location. It is the status of offer with respect to your last feed extract time. Get a list of rewards – Gets the list of rewards available for the platform, 5. They provide industry reports and insights. Your card will not be charged during Trial Period. Today's top Lab Testing API offer: 15% Off. CashbackOS; Inastaback; LarabackPRO; CashbackApp; Affport; Charity Cashback; Enterprise Solutions ; Add-on; Visit Enactsoft . offers an “Out-of-Box” RSS/API and Coupon XML feed, which allows developers to display coupon content on their websites or applications. So you need to have an account with at least one affiliate network/program to start off. 3658 Coupons. We add YOUR Affiliate IDs to all coupons in your feed. Less load on your server. Save with Lab Testing API promo codes and coupons for March 2021. The Discount API is another feed of aggregated offers & discounts from multiple sources. A coupon code can only be applied to a single subscription and cannot be re-used. /getOffersByNetwork – Get all deals, coupons, and offers of a particular affiliate network. LinkShare is an affiliate marketing hub owned by Rakuten. This API is activated by request. Currently, our plugin automatically updates Coupons on below WordPress Coupon Themes: Your affiliate commissions will be directly paid by affiliate networks or merchant’s affiliate program. Find 5 Lab Testing API coupons and discounts … All are great API provides coupons, deals and offer on various brands. I found this question from last year where it was not possible through the API but could be achieved with a custom script (i'd like to avoid this sort of hack if possible): Shopify API: Create a Promotion? Categories – Offer category. Apply the Promo or Avail the Deal. Choisisez le meilleur coupon Api distribution 2021 de cette page, ces codes promo Api distribution sont valides vous permettent des réductions du prix sur Api distribution et autres surprises. The API is provided in a single format and is simple to integrate. Save money with best coupons & promos, I think your list is missing India’s #1 affiliate coupon feed provider coupomated. To grow fast and be successful, you need to put your mundane daily operations on Auto-Pilot. The first step is to obtain an API for accessing the service. Start Date – yyyy-mm-dd; First applicable date of offer. LinkMyDeals is an automated content provider for coupon and deal websites sourced from over 2,000 Indian eCommerce retail stores. API response in JSON/CSV/XML formats. By default we use our own API key to import all offers. Coupon API. Includes all Coupons & Deeplinks from popular Affiliate Networks. If you are using any of the popular WordPress themes, then you can use our WordPress Solutions to put your website on Auto-Pilot. Coupon and rewards APIs allow developers to tap into different affiliate coupon or reward/loyalty program (or points) databases to access the available information to enrich their application or website. If the coupon has specified a max_redemptions, then this value cannot be greater than the coupon’s max_redemptions. Don’t buy Scraper API before you read my review! A coupon has either a percent_off or an amount_off and currency. Expires: Mar 03, 2021. If you use a standard WordPress Coupon Theme, you don't need to do any development work. Check out our medium team page here. Place an order for a reward – Order a reward, 6. If you set an amount_off, that amount will be subtracted from any invoice’s subtotal. It has Latest deals and vouchers. The first 3 days of your subscription are trial days. Do you agree with our list? City and country can be given by calling /api_get_location and /api_get_country respectively, Get closets locations with deals by long and lat – Get the locations closest to a given long & lat that contain deals, Get deals based on category and location – Get the full set of deals given a category and location. WooCommerce REST API allows you to create coupons via API but it requires a coupon code. Get Account Information – Get the information for an account created under a Customer, 3. I really enjoyed their services. We recommend to read these topics entirely. Deals ends 2021-04-07. Rating – Internal rating of offer. The list of countries and cities can be retrieved from /api_get_country_url and /api_get_location_url or from the geo functions, Get deals based on location and keywords – Get the full deals list given country and city denoted by /api_get_country_url and /api_get_location_url and keyword array, Get the recommended category based on free text – This function will get the recommended category based on free text provided limited to 200 chars. RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace with over 1,000,000 developers and 10,000 APIs. Codes promotions Api distribution & soldes Mars - 2021. is a single API (or WordPress Plugin) to pull Coupons & Deals from multiple Affiliate Networks/Programs. E-commerce Stores Promo Codes. Or simply use our Automatic WordPress Plugin. Title – The primary line which describes the offer. Within the Play Console, you can create the following types of promo codes: One-time use codes: These are automatically-generated unique codes that users can redeem only once. Blip A Deal finds and aggregates over 500,000 offers every month. To understand the advantages of using CouponAPI, just imagine what you will have to do if you don't use our service. Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of … Available vendors include Flipkart, Tyroo, Vcommission, Payoom, and Icubeswire. At, developers have access to over 8,000 popular APIs including reward and couponing APIs. Step-by-step process to pull coupon feeds for your approved merchants from Commission Junction using your own API credentials. Fund account – Funds the given account, 4. The list of countries can be obtained from /api_get_country_url and the list of cities can be retrieved from /api_get_location_url, Get all cities with deals given a country – This function will retrieve all the cities within a given country that have deals. Promo codes also provide customers with free shipping or gift-wrapping. Categories – List of categories for deals. Coupon API Listing is a powerful coupon website helping you earn affiliate commission through coupon codes, vouchers, promo-code coupons and deals.It is best for all technical abilities, no programming skills required! Filter by the coupon Id: filter.text: Filter by the coupon code: filter.dateCreatedMin *: Filter by the minimum created date you are searching for - Date in UTC millis The API returns deals in multiple categories and locations. Use this endpoint to create, update, delete, and get coupons. Their Deal API provides access to over 80,000 deals from Groupon channels and supports JSON and XML formats. Note: The plans and addons (refer plan_constraint, plan_ids, addon_constraint, addon_ids) that are linked will also be copied. No. without affiliate deeplinking. Apify is a company that offers services like web scraping, web automation, and web integration. Association for Professionals in. Indian website offers. Store – Name of ecommerce store / merchant. Let us know in the comments below. This page provides an overview of the Coupontools API. Help merchants to offer flexible discounts. No upper limit. The CashNJoy Free Coupon Codes API is free to use with a RapidAPI account. Companies – Companies monitored by DayWatch. Merchant Home Page URL – Home page URL of store the offer belongs to. However, you will still need to approve your subscription in PayPal for account setup. Get Free Coupons Code API for your website. Indian & international Coupon API makes creating beautiful coupon websites easy! Shop at APIC with promo code! In this section. Expires: Mar 07, 2021. This is a positive numeric value. See Details. Get Deal. Or even if you have a custom website, you have to the integration only once. Mexico Deals – Currently active daily deals in Mexico, Peru Deals – Currently active daily deals in Peru, Get all the categories given a city and country – This function will get all the categories given a city and a country. 27coupons is another coupon and deal data aggregator based in India. To avail the deals, click on “Got To Deal”. Image URL – Offer image (only if provided by source entity). Get Code . The coupon API subscription plans are extremely affordable priced to make sure of lowest possible operation costs. Filed Under: APIs Tagged With: 27coupons, 8coupons, BlipADeal, coupon, coupon api, coupons, coupons api,, DayWatch, Discount API, Groupon, LinkMyDeals, LinkShare, RetailMeNot, reward, rewards, Tango Card. End Date – yyyy-mm-dd; Last applicable date of offer. Being a web scrapper handling all […] RetailMeNot gets most of their coupon data from large affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Linkshare datafeeds/API’s which allow sites to source a constant flow of fresh coupons & offers. If your serious about creating coupon code websites, you can generate more earn. For support, please email us at Offer Id – Unique ID for each offer which doesn’t repeat ever. There are no reviews for this plugin. World's most accurate Feeds, for next-level Coupon/Cashback systems. Tango Card is a company that provides rewards programs services by bundling rewards technology, e-gift card catalog, and expert support. More than 100 biggest webstores' offers. Get order history – Get more information about all the orders placed on this customer and account, getOffers – Use this API to fetch all Offers related to the stores that you have subscribed for at Expires: Mar 28, 2021. Developers can use an API Key to … api. So complete Affiliate Commission goes to you, and only you. Full control of which Stores to included. Groupon is a US-based eCommerce company that partners with local merchants to provide discounted activities, travel, services or goods to customers. Coupon Feeds & Affiliate Tools. Simply register at to generate your Site ID and start earning commissions on E-commerce sales. This API allows you to become an affiliate of Groupon (GPN), or and (through CJ). By subscribing for the right combination of Premium and Non-Premium levels for each store, you can achieve the perfect balance of accuracy & costs that you desire. If PayPal is not available in your country, please write to us at. You can cancel your subscription anytime during your free trial, and you won't be charged anything. Returns new, modified & deleted Coupons since your last API call. You can download your feed any time and set your Affiliate Networks and Store Deeplinking from our panel. Get Deal. The discount can either be a percentage or a specific dollar amount. If you’ll not pass the coupon code, WooCommerce REST API will not work for you. API Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes 2021. Step 2 – Access the Coupon API endpoint Exclusions Apply. How promo codes work. If you’re using a Lab Testing API promo code, head over to Lab Testing API’s website and place your item in the shopping cart. Because you will get feeds only for those programs/networks where you have an account. DayWatch is a real-time business reporting and decision support tool for Daily Deal companies. Use the Coupontools API to integrate coupons by Coupontools directly into your website or app. Start Free Account Takes 3 minutes, or less. Discover, evaluate, and integrate with any API. Your email address will not be published. CJ API Credentials. I'm currently trying to determine if there is a way to add discount codes via the shopify API. Coupon API allows merchants to create coupons for discounts / promotions / special offers. Plus, you would also need to add newer networks every now and then, leading to infinite development time & costs. According to me one API missing in this list Brand Coupon Mall, I have been using rheir services from last 2 years. We simply collect the coupons from affilaite networks/programs and give it to you. Click “Reveal Code” to get the Lab Testing API promo code which will be automatically copied to the clipboard of your device. API … Arlington, VA 22202 (p) 202-789-1890 | (f) 202-789-1899. Coupon API Listing is a powerful coupon website helping you earn affiliate commission through coupon codes, vouchers, promo-code coupons and deals.It is best for all technical abilities, no programming skills required! With Apify, you can turn any website into an API … Affiliate Link – Monetizable affiliate link with your own affiliate ID. Primarily we use our own API keys to fetch maximum coupons & deals. Get API Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes 2021 via promo code “GETOFFER”. The discount associated with a promo code can apply to individual products or an entire order. Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. Bundles from the lowest price of $115. Map Store & Category names as per your website. Expires: Mar 17, 2021. Featured – Yes / No; applicable only in select affiliate network data. Yes. The user enters a promo code, either in your app or in the Google Play Store app, and receives the item or subscription trial at no cost. Expired APIC promo codes. 40% OFF. LinkMyDeals Coupon API allows you to keep your Website or Mobile App updated all the time with the latest Coupons and Deals from 2000+ Online Stores around the world. Get Deal. E.g. This marketing strategy essentially gives customers yet another reason to buy your products. Expires: Mar 31, 2021. The RapidAPI staff consists of various writers in the RapidAPI organization. Blip A Deal Worldwide Deals API. If everything is working fine, you can set the plugin to automatically pull new offers every hour. No. However if we cannot import certain offers from the networks for any reason (such as a program not being approved for our affiliate account), you can enter your network API details & we can import the missing offers. Developers can access this data to display on their website or app to earn revenue through the affiliate program. Get all merchants from /getMerchants endpoint. Sign up on 27coupons to generate your API key. We are an automated coupon content distribution platform, providing a robust coupon API and discount data feed to all leading news media, coupon websites, industry leading blogs, cashback websites, shopping comparison website and apps. The DayWatch API is free for up to 10 daily API requests. It doesn’t require a coupon code to generate a coupon via API… Includes all Stores that are available in our database. The Deals & Coupons API is another India-based API that provides access to coupons and offers from major merchants such as: This API is also free to use on RapidAPI. With Vouchertoday’s coupon API, you can easily pull thousands of discounts and coupons straight to your website via their restful API, then earn commission when they purchase through your link (exactly how you would with affiliate marketing). Get a good deal on the best web scraping expert on the internet by using the Apify coupon code. The 8coupons API grants developers access to their local daily deal data from deal websites across the world (with the exception of LivingSocial and Groupon). SEO Optimized affiliate coupon data feed. The topics in the chapter deal with a number of specific aspects of the API. Non-Premium Data will give you an accuracy level of 60% – 70% for the same store. You can request API acccess on their site. Argentina Deals – Currently active daily deals in Argentina, Brasil Deals – Currently active daily deals in Brasil. Yes. Status – ‘New’ / ‘Updated’ / ‘Suspended’. Continue Reading → Posted in: Finding Network API Keys. You can skip this step if you already have an API key. Settings that restrict the redemption of the promotion code. BENEFITS. We have absolutely no control over the data.